My Brother's Keeper Recovery Ministry

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Mbk Philosophy

My Brother's Keeper philosophy stems from a belief that individuals have the ability to recover from addictions and homelessness if a proper support system is in place and available to the individual.

A Christian Recovery Ministry

Levels at My Brother’s keeper Christian Recovery Ministry

The program is a multi-level system (Four levels). The student must fully complete the requirements of each level to progress to the next level. Each level grants more privileges and responsibilities to the student. This system is designed to teach responsibility for behavior. Though available, privileges of each level must be earned daily through cooperation and acceptable behavior. The level system is fully explained in the student hand out or by staff. (Rev. Miguel A. Torres, Excecutive Director).

My Brother's Keeper Christian Recovery Ministry is concerned with the total person. Our program is structured to be aware of each person's spiritual ,emotional,physical,social and academic needs .

Spiritual: My Brother’s Keeper Christian Recovery Ministry deals with the student’s problems as symptoms that relate to deeper problems and conflicts. Students participate in a tightly integrated personal spiritual growth development program. Zeroing in on a person’s spiritual need is where growth occurs; Instead of escaping their problems, they find through life in Christ, the changing power that gives the ability to cope and live more fulfilling lives.

At My Brother's Keeper we belive in hope. There is hope for the difficulties you are facing, we belive that the step you are taking by reaching out to a christian recovery ministry, will offer you a second chance and allow your familly to gain a fresh prespective.

Criteria for student placement, has a life -Controlling problem {substance Abuse}. Has an obvious desire to change. Has the emotional stability to participate in a group living situation. Desires a Christ-centered enviroment to achieve a successful lifestyle. God can change your life.

Substance Abuse Disorder: Using drugs or other substances becomes abusive and categorized as a "disorder" when the use begins to cause continuing or growing problems in the user's life. These problems include missing work or school, driving under the influence, legal problems and problems with friends or family relationships.

Behavior Modification: Our expectations are high.  

*Inappropriate behavior is confronted, given consequences and redirected.               

*Appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded.                                                                                  

There is tight supervision around the clock.                                                                                         

There is a vigorous daily schedule and a firm set of rules, a system is used requiring each student to earn privileges; this is through a standard program using a multi-level system based on positive behavior, as students advance, each level offers additional privileges and responsibilities. This motivates the student to work harder. The program becomes the testing ground to ascertain each student’s level of commitment toward changing past behavior.

Activities: Activities provide a proper balance of personal development and social opportunities. Initially all activities are in the House. Over a period of time; students may earn the privilege of participating in out off the house activities.    

Academics: The academic experience offers innovative techniques that allow students to maximize the learning process while earning there level. The student is then assisted in designing their course of study, with the close support of a staff person , the students will be able to move effectively through the learning process. The academic program is a performance-based system and course credit is based on the student’s mastery of the subject. My Brother’s Keeper Christian Recovery Ministry is not a Detox or a state certified Rehabilitation center.

*****Healthy Mind - Healthy Body*****