My Brother's Keeper

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Our History

My Brother's Keeper, Inc.(MBK)was founded in 1988 by Reverend Miguel A. Torres, a determined minister that has seen and experienced first hand the effects of drugs and poverty on people withouth hope.               

For nearly two decades later, MBK has helped over 15,000 men and women escape  the bonds of chemical addiction, and returned to society as productive law-abiding citizens, and find rest and place in Jesus Christ.            

MBK Gained worlwide recognition as a blessed institution for those seeking healing and the learning of God's World,

Our Mission

To rescue those living in misery, bound by homelessness and substance abuse through the application of God's Word and to develop a faith-based, residential, extendedcare facility for the effective treatment and cessation of alcohol/chemical dependence for individueals, 18 years of age and older. We believe that only Jesus can bring deliverance, healing and restoration.

Our Methodology

MBK offers a holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program which includes a Christ-centered 12-step program, four to six months residential inpatient, recovery and therapy groups,access to legal advice, training in life skills and computers, and Bible study and spiritual guidance, all in a safe, supervised, guarded environment.

MBK is the only drug and alcohol recovery ministry in Camden County, New Jersey. 

In the city of Camden, the unemployment rate is 25% and the median yearly income for a single household is $11,000.  55% of the residents of Camden live in poverty.  Nationally, 67,000 adults receive prompt addiction recovery  treatment each year, while over 70,000 are put on waiting lists or refused treatment. Because many drug users have criminal records, they are ineligible

for certain state and or federal  service such as counseling or job training.

MBK provides services to individuals that are chemically dependant including ex-offenders  who are ineligible for other programs.

Dorcas House

Although initially, MBK was an outreach to men suffering from abuse of psychoactive drugs, the ministry now includes women as well. The Dorcas House is an inpatient facility that provides the same method of treatment, but for women.

We are here for you......